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          About Us

          Fujian Huayi Bamboo & Wood Industry Co., Ltd. is a supplier which is specialized in designing, manufacturing and exporting of natural bamboo and wooden furniture and household items.
          Our market is mainly in Europe, America, South America and Australia...


          Services & Products
          Bamboo Kitchenware
          Bamboo Furniture
          Bamboo Bathroom Furniture
          Contact Us
          Tel: +86-592-6531569
          Fax: +86-592-6531939
          Mobile: +86 18159286859
          Add: Room 906, No. 893, HaiCang Avenue,
          Haicang, Xiamen, China
          Factory Add: Helin Industrial Zone, Zhenghe County, Fujian, China
          Skype: huayi_tim
          Email: sales@huayibamboo.com
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