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              About Us

              Our History
              Fujian Huayi Bamboo & Wood Industry Co., Ltd. is a supplier which is specialized in designing, manufacturing and exporting of natural bamboo and wooden furniture and household items.

              Our Factory


              We have our own factory in Fujian which has more than 15 years' experience in designing and producing bamboo and wooden products. Our factory has more than 200 workers and its total area is more than 50,000 square meters. As located in the material zone and backed by our R&D team, we can supply the product for you with best price and best quality.

              Our Product

              Our main products series are Bamboo kitchenware, Bamboo household items, Bamboo Bathroom Products, Bathroom accessories, Bamboo Furniture and so on.

              Product Application
              Using for home, living room, bathroom room, bed room, kitchen

              Our Certificate

              BSCI, SEDEX, FDA


              Production Equipment

              Cutting machine, Sanding machine, CNC machine


              Production Market
              Our main sales market is European and North America, South America. The sales turnover is over 9 million.

              Our service
              Professional service team, the enquiry will be replied within 24 hours. OEM/ODM is welcome. The professional QC persons watch the production and final inspection before the shipment.

              To be surefooted and up-and-coming is our company's spirit. We will make ease stable progress during supplying better products, better services. We will provide products of more humanization to make your life better and healthier!

              Services & Products
              Bamboo Kitchenware
              Bamboo Furniture
              Bamboo Bathroom Furniture
              Contact Us
              Tel: +86-592-6531569
              Fax: +86-592-6531939
              Mobile: +86 18159286859
              Add: Room 906, No. 893, HaiCang Avenue,
              Haicang, Xiamen, China
              Factory Add: Helin Industrial Zone, Zhenghe County, Fujian, China
              Skype: huayi_tim
              Email: sales@huayibamboo.com